Navigating motherhood is exhausting and you are probably having some mom guilt. This is not your fault. Being a mom is probably the hardest job we will have in our life - and doing a job with little to no sleep makes it harder!

I'm proud of you for wanting to change it!

I've created this program to give you motherhood back.
The REAL motherhood.
The one you will remember. The one you will enjoy and soak every second of it. The one that makes you smile when the sun rises. 

Are you so exhausted that you feel like you are not the best version of yourself for your children?

Let's change that!

This 1:1 coaching program was created for moms who are ready to ditch the sleep deprivation and want to overcome their baby's sleep issues with gentle sleep techniques (NO CIO!) that are proven to work.
No more googling and posting on Facebook groups to find a band-aid solution.
I got you!

This program is a 3-week coaching with Maggie, Certified Sleep Consultant.

We help families with children from 4 months old to 4 years old.

We will get all the information we need to know more about your baby’s routine and your family’s dynamic through a questionnaire. This will allow us to have a clear picture of your baby’s sleep, potential underlying health conditions, what we can change, what is your parenting style and how to adapt our plan to fit your family. All answers are confidential and will never be shared.


Maggie will write a personalized sleep plan for your child and your family. It includes a schedule that fits your lifestyle, a technique adapted to your child’s temperament and a step-by-step plan to follow.


We will go through the plan together to answer any questions you may have, making sure it is clear and that you are comfortable following it


We will work together for 3 weeks. You will have daily text and voice message support (9am-12pm MST) and the guidance of Maggie. You will also be asked to log your child’s sleep (and feedings if necessary) to insure we see the results we want. This will allow Maggie to track the schedule and modify if needed.


After 2-3 weeks, your child will be sleeping 10-12h per night and will be taking predictable long naps that are age appropriate.





Creation of the Sleep Plan

Review of the Sleep Plan




Two payments 



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One time payment

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Four payments


Budget friendly

Apply now!

Apply now!

Apply now!

Payment plans available upon request

HSA/FSA Eligible

Billed bi-weekly

sleep guaranted

As long as you follow our instructions and Maggie's plan, we guarantee you to see results and have a child sleeping 10-12h each night.

If after 3 weeks the situation didn't improve, we will keep working with you for free until you see the results wanted.

Results my families are getting

This is what's waiting for you

I want to start!

Being tired is not fun for you but also for your baby.
Making sure they get the rest they need will help them grow and hit their milestones without being fussy all day long.

Changing your baby’s sleep is
investing in their health but also yours!

A lot can happen in 3 weeks...

If this is you right now

Your baby is taking a bunch of 28 min naps

Your baby is fussy all day long and is tired but refuses to nap

Crappy wake windows that are too short or extremely long

Your baby has 3+ wake ups every night after 6 months

Your baby can't sleep longer than 2-3h at night

You have to rock your baby for 45min and you have to do that for every wake ups

Your baby wakes up at 4:30 am every morning

You want to transition from bedsharing to sleeping in their own crib but you won't know how to do it

This is what you'll get with The Sleepy Bear Program

Your baby will take long and predictable naps (not less than 1h)

Your baby will be sleeping 10-12h every night (and can still have feeds depending on the age and health)

Your baby will be happier and will enjoy playtime

Your baby will have age appropriate wake windows

Your baby may still have quick wake ups during the night but will know how to fall back asleep

Your baby will fall asleep on their own, without difficulties in less than 10-15min

Your baby will have regular and appropriate morning wake ups (after 6am)

I want that!

Become CONFIDENT in your child’s sleep

Sleepy Bear Program is more than just a sleep training coaching!

Yes, we guarantee your baby will sleep after these 3 weeks of working with us. but you will have so much more than that!

Feel EMPOWERED in motherhood

Gain KNOWLEDGE about your baby’s sleep pattern. Know how to navigate it without stress

Understand the REALITY behind sleep training. There is so much more than Cry It Out!

RECONNECT with your family. You will have the ability to feel more than just a mom.

Say yes to date nights, say yes to just hanging out with your partner in the evening. Say yes to self-care!
You will have time to have a ME-time and the energy for it.

Ok, I'm in!

This program was designed for parents who are ready to make the change happen!

Meet Maggie

I’m convinced that motherhood doesn’t mean being tired 24/7.

When I was pregnant with my daughter
Esme, everyone asked me “are you ready to be tired? You won’t sleep until she goes to kindergarten”.
And I hated that. I hated that motherhood was synonym of sleep deprivation.

Now, everyone asks me “how’s her sleep?”. I answer fine! She sleeps great! And they act like I’m the luckiest mom on earth but the truth is that I used methods that are adapted to her temperament and to who I am as a mom.

This is what I will teach you in this program!

I want to work with Maggie