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I'm Maggie Jenkins!

After 4 years of working as a nanny and helping parents with their children, I decided I wanted to be able to give them more. That's when I decided to become a baby and toddler sleep coach. Being sleep deprived is so hard and can literally change your whole day - for the worst!

I have now the chance to be a mom to a little girl who loves to breastfeed and stay close to her mama 24/7. I know the sleep deprivation well but I also know that us, mamas, can sleep without having to wait for our babies to turn 5!

The great thing about being certified as baby and toddler sleep coach before being a mom is that I knew everything about sleep. I knew how long she was supposed to stay awake, how many naps she should have during the day. But I've never been trained to handle baby sleep and breastfeeding. Let me tell you that the 2nd week I broke all the rules. I then decided to learn more about bedsharing and found out how to make it safe for breastfeeding moms. This day changed my life!

Hey mama!

Maggie Jenkins

Just a little reminder:

You are the best mom for your baby!

Being a mom doesn't mean feeling exhausted 24/7 and surviving thanks to these 3 cups of coffee - at least not for me! I believe we can all have great sleep and feel rested to finally enjoy spending a whole day with our kids and be the wife we want to be for our partner.

Resolving your child's sleep with a gentle technique that is right for your baby is what I love to do. Excessive cries are not for me! I couldn't handle it with my baby girl so don't expect me to write you a Cry-It-Out Method. 

I believe babies are capable of sleeping through the night (while keeping feeds if needed) if we give them the chance to do so with the right approach. 

So if you are looking for a sleep coaching that will be specially created for your baby and their needs, I'm here to help! 

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