Say "Bye" to your sleep deprivation. endless google searches and all these band-aid solutions from these Facebook mom groups!

You and your baby need!

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I'm Maggie Jenkins, owner of Little Sleepy Bear.

After 4 years of working as a nanny and helping parents with their children, I decided I wanted to be able to give them more. That's when I decided to become a baby and toddler sleep coach. Being sleep deprived is so hard and can literally change your whole day - for the worst!
I have the chance to be a mom to a little girl who loves to breastfeed and stay close to her mama 24/7. I know the sleep deprivation well but I also know that us, mamas, can sleep without having to wait for our babies to turn 5!



Hey mama!

Navigating motherhood is exhausting and you are probably having some mom guilt. This is not your fault. Being a mom is probably the hardest job we will have in our life - and doing a job with little to no sleep makes it harder!

I'm proud of you for wanting to change it!

I've created this program to give you motherhood back.
The REAL motherhood.
The one you will remember. The one you will enjoy and soak every second of it. The one that makes you smile when the sun rises. 

Are you so exhausted that you feel like you are not the best version of yourself for your children?

Let's change that!

I'm ready to sleep!

Results my families are getting

This is what's waiting for you

I want to start!