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As a new mom, you need to rest just as much as your baby. It can be tough to prioritize sleep when you’re juggling so many things but have you thought about how a full night of sleep could change your whole day and improve your relationship with others? 

If this is something that resonates to you, I’m here to help you. 

Your baby needs a better sleep and so do you. Let me tell you a little something...

A better sleep can change everything

Sleep is important for a normal growth and development
of a child. Many people think sleep is resting but,
did you know that the brain is very active? A good sleep will help with your baby's growth.

Days are easier to manage

Here is a list of 10 benefits you'll have with your baby sleeping better

Let's make the expression "sleeping like a baby", a reality!

Date nights are possible

Better mood in the house

More energy for the day

A better health

Having a social life again

Helps with your child's growth

Decrease Postpartum Depression (PPD)

More freedom for your hobbies

A predictable routine in your household

Let's find what is the best for you


Deluxe Package

Resolve your child's sleep with the support of the coach. This package will give you confidence and success through sleep training. Families with easy-going twins who agree with moderate crying
can choose this package.

Price: $299

Questionnaire to know your child's habits.
PDF personalized sleep plan with schedule and techniques explained.
14 days of support through the Rested App. (messaging 8am-8pm MST).

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2 emails to utilize within 30 days after the end of the coaching.


Essential Package

Improve your child's sleep with a personalized sleep plan created by the coach. This package is great for families with an easy-going child and wh dont want the support of the coach.

Answer a questionnaire and receive your personalized sleep plan in 48-72h.

Price: $150

Questionnaire to know your child's habits.
PDF sleep plan with schedule and technique explained.
1 email to utilize within 2 weeks after receiving the plan for questions.

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Premium Package

This package is perfect for Twins, multiples and families who need a more gentle approach. Resolves your child's sleep with an extended support during and after the coaching.

Price: $499

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Questionnaire to know your child's habits.
PDF Personalized sleep plan with schedule and techniques explained.
21 days of support through the Rested App. (messaging 8am-8pm MST).
6 emails to utilize within 90 days after the end of the coaching.
Get my sleep schedule guide + Regression Guide for free.

"We used to co sleep and I wanted my 13months old daughter to have her own space. "

"I probably wouldn’t have been willing to sleep train without Maggie’s encouragement and guidance. We followed her advice, almost exactly as written and it worked! She did a great job!"

Krystol, Arizona

Here is what my incredible moms have to say

"He slept from 6pm to 6am and woke up only because my wife was getting ready for work!"

"My son had a very poor sleep. He used to wake up every 2 hours, ended up in our bed and took hours to resettle. He used to fight naps during the day too.
Maggie was amazing and encouraging throughout and has given us our lives back! Theo has more energy and is less grumpy and we are too!"

Penny, England

"I truly was at a breaking point and in a dark cloud with zero sleep because of our Knox!" 

"When the schedule came I felt "Oh man I hope I can do this" but within 3 days we were seeing results and it came so easy to the babies once they were adjusted. My husband even commented about
how much better it is, and how much happier and more energy I have!"

Makenzie K, Illinois

100%! I've never had a coaching failing. As long as you follow my instructions, you'll reach your goals.

Do you use the Cry-it-out (CIO) method?

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never used CIO and won't use it during my coaching. I believe CIO is not necessary and way too hard on families. Cries will be involved as it is the only communication babies have but mom and dad will not ignore them with my plan.

What is your success rate?

YES! I do and love it! For twins and multiples, my coaching rates stay the same!

Do you work with twins/
multiples? How much is it?

Grab your spot and let's talk about your sleep issues. This is a great start to see how I can help you! 

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