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So many changes are happening during the first year of your baby’s life.
Your baby is growing up fast, hitting milestones, doing awesome new things but this comes with the question: when should I lower my baby’s crib?

There isn’t an exact time, but your baby’s features and developmental changes can be an indicator.

The reason why we lower the crib is for safety. When your baby is at the newborn stage, they don’t really move much. But the more they grow up, the more mobile they will be so we need to allow them to move while insuring their safety.

I recommend changing the crib to a lower position when you notice your baby is starting to understand how to sit up on their own. We do this to help prevent your baby from pulling themselves up on the crib and possibly falling over the rail at a high position.

They start to sit up anywhere between 4 to 9 months. As you can see, it’s a broad range. Every baby learns at their own pace so keep an eye on your baby. There’s no such thing as “too early” when it comes to lowering the crib.

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April 5, 2023

When to lower the crib?



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